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November 10th, 2013 | Syrian refugeens

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a million Syrian refugees are sheltering in Jordan. Dale Gavlak reports on how United Nations agencies are helping the government respond to their needs, especially those of mothers and young children.


The current security situation in Syria along with the aspiration to protect my children forced me to leave my home,” said Samira a middle-aged Syrian mother who fled home with her four children, seven months ago.

“We are living in precarious conditions in a crowded place but,  Alhamdu Lillah we are safe and healthy receiving food and health care services free of charge”. Samira said with tears in her eyes.

Samira Jaffar vaccinated her children and visited the primary health care centres inside Domiz camp several times.

“Although, we had to wait long hours to see a doctor and receive medication, but I could not stand watching my children sick, therefore, I take every opportunity to visit the primary health care centre when needed,” she added.

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