03. Syrian refugee children hold hands and form a ring while playing a game between classes in Adiyaman, which is one of 17 camps in Turkey.

Children Education Program

November 10th, 2013 | Syrian refugeens

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The Refugee Education program helps hundreds of children continue their education outside of Syria.  schools and summer programs provide refugee children educational experience and extracurricular activities that address their social challenges and improve their morale.

Academic Programs for Syrian students

Syrian Refugee Education Program

A program to support the education of thousands of Syrian refugee children.

Academic Scholarships

helps Syrian students looking to complete their studies abroad attain academic scholarships at top universities across the US, Europe and Middle East.

Academic Mentorship

The Study Abroad Mentorship Program offers advice for students requiring help in their university application process and are seeking more information on academic choices.

Career Programs for fresh graduates and young professionals

Career Development Workshops

Syrian graduates Career Development workshops on topics such as: CV writing, job interviews, and improving career portfolio aimed at enhancing the skills and competencies of young Syrians.

Career Mentorship

Through mentorship, We develops youth’s career path using one-on-one counseling enhancing their understanding of the field, job responsibilities, and future opportunities in the industry.

Career Portal and Job Vacancies

A job portal that helps young professionals find their jobs of interests by browsing our database of online vacancies.

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