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What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

In 2013, almost two million refugees have been directly affected by the violence in Syria. Women and children make up three quarters of this population.

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03. Syrian refugee children hold hands and form a ring while playing a game between classes in Adiyaman, which is one of 17 camps in Turkey.

Children Education Program

The Refugee Education program helps hundreds of children continue their education outside of Syria.  schools and summer programs provide refugee children educational experience and extracurricular activities that address their social challenges and improve their morale.

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Cash program for refugees

agencies have had to reduce aid to Syrian refugees in Lebanon and those who get no food assistance say they are falling into deep debt. With Syrians continuing to flood into Jordan and Lebanon, U.N. agencies were hard-pressed to provide food assistance to refugees for most of last year.

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syrian refugees health care

a million Syrian refugees are sheltering in Jordan. Dale Gavlak reports on how United Nations agencies are helping the government respond to their needs, especially those of mothers and young children.

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