4-year-old Syrian refugee found alone in the desert

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NY dailynews Reported: Marwan, 4-year-old Syrian refugee, was separated, not alone as he crossed the desert

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The UN Refugee Agency’s Twitter photo showed 4-year-old Marwan falling behind as he trudged through the Hagallat desert crossing with his family. Although the little boy was never too far from his loved ones, the image struck a chord with thousands around the world.

Little Marwan was taken to the Zaatari camp in Jordan, where around 10% of the refugees are under the age of 4.


As his family trudged across the desert, a 4-year-old Syrian refugee fell behind the pack.

UN officials tweeted a photo of little Marwan carrying a plastic bag that was half his size with the dusty Hagallat desert crossing spreading out behind him.

On Tuesday, UNHCR’s Jordan representative Andrew Harper clarified that while Marwan was “temporarily separated,” he was not alone.

Marwan had fallen behind his family members.


Photograph by Andew Harper

Andrew Harper

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